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Beware of Plot Purchasers:

  • It is Already sold out and purchased by 3rd parties

  • Click here for the document details 

  • Till Date No Action has been taken

  • Shankarhills group has not taken any action against these 3rd parties, looks like there is some thing fishy between them!?

  • As per the above there is no land belongs to plot owners as it stated by Collector Order and Dharani Portal

FLASH : Refer the latest collector order which clearly states that Shankarhills has no legal authority in this possession, Click here to get the details about the order

As per DTDC The layout is not approved and has no legal rights, Click here 

Municipal Corporation has clearly stated that there is no layout in the said area and  as per the norms Grampanchayat layout is not valid. Click Here

***Advocate comm has given statement on the current site during 2001 stating there are no plots, based on this Shankarhills association has no right to show position in this site. click here for the document

For further clarifications request all members to get CC copies from Rangareddy district court to verify the details yourself

All Illegal activities are Questioned and Stopped
Vattingulapally location
This is just to extract more from the innocent Plot Purchasers.

The Claimed Shakarhills site is spread across 460 acres of land situated at Vattinagulapally(V), Rajendranagar (M), RangReddy (Dt), which is under G.O 111 and Bio-Conservation Zone

The current site does not posses any layout as per HMDA (Click for the Doc) and other govt departments, the said plots are illegally claimed  which is against G.O 111 and other govt norms, so far not a single plot is marked in said layout.

Came to know that the Brokers and Mediators are misleading so called plot owners and collecting  money illegally and distributing to farmers (who  already sold  out310 acres to 3rd parties), lawyers and mediators (Click here know more about the mediator)

The 3rd parties purchaser of 310 acres already got proper title deeds, pass books and 1B issues by mandal revenue office Rajendranagar,  from 2005 to till date they have all revenue records in patta column and position column

As claimed in the site "peaceful possession" is just to lure current plot owners and collect money. This to inform all the plot owners that all the farmers are not willing to compromise as stated in the paper statement given on 4/3/18 in Eenadu (Click here) because it will be a cheating to the original owners  was already sold out 310 acres to 3rd parties. Now the question is how it is possible to enter into compromise with pattedars for entire 460 acres??  


 Note that the paper notice and circular are just to collect money from the plot owners.

This is kind request to the plot owners not to get further cheated by Shankarhills association and mediators without further inquiring above said details, advice you to get proper legal opinion on this  judgment.

As per the HUDA the said land can't be converted to other forms, click here for the doc

Click here to know all the judgment details

Click here for videos on GO111


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